Escaping to Erawan Falls

Now Playing: “Stay” -Zedd As I wrap up my experience in Thailand just short of a year, I can say my favorite spot in Thailand is the Erawan Falls in Kanchanaburi. This trip kept getting pushed back because we knew it was close enough to do any weekend. Well, I finally got there in my […]

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Starting out stateside

Now Playing: “In My Life” -The Beatles This blog is a bit different from my usual travel updates. I have less than 6 weeks before I depart the town where I’ve lived since May for a few months of travel, including a trip home. I feel extra reflective as this experience in Thailand comes to […]

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Counting down in Kuala Lumpur

Now Playing: “Under the Stars” -John Legend I welcomed the new year in a fittingly unexpected location: Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Since moving to Thailand, the universe has surprised me with breathtaking sights, golden friends, a new language and home, a fulfilling job, and countless unforeseen joys, to and including meeting my boyfriend. […]

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Climbing kingdoms in Cambodia

Now Playing: “History Has Its Eyes On You” -Hamilton Last month, I had a three-day weekend and decided last-minute to pop over to Cambodia to visit the spectacular Angkor Wat. I actually hadn’t done a short international trip! Visas Many people ask about visas, because it tends to be the most complicated part of traveling […]

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