Leaving a life on the road

I haven’t felt particularly inspired to write lately. My inner voice reminds me that I still haven’t written about England, France, or Greece! We saw so much and I want to jot it down and share it. I’ll definitely go back and recount our experiences with tips, anecdotes, and pictures, but luckily not many people […]

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Eating my way through Italy

I’ve been traveling through Italy for almost 3 weeks and found myself in a tasty, touristy pattern: travel, explore, eat, rest, explore, eat, rest, repeat. What I’ve seen in movies is so far true: food is spectacular, chefs are stubborn and proud, everyone eats A TON of food, and carbs are impossible to avoid. On […]

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Catching up!

Well folks, it’s been a wild couple of months! I have failed to keep up with my blogging between traveling, lack of WiFi, but mainly enjoying the cities I was in and the people I was with! I’ve been all over the globe since finishing teaching at the end of February. I’ll soon be writing […]

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Lounging in Laos

While my trip to Laos was brief, the experience was lovely and the memories plentiful. It started with a two day slow boat journey from Chiang Rai, Thailand. At first you may think “TWO DAYS?!” and that was my thought exactly. However, my travel buddy Alana reassured me the trip would be beautiful and worth […]

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Checking out Chinese New Year

How many new years can you celebrate in one year? When you’re in South East Asia, three or more! I arrived in Thailand last April just in time for the Thai new year, Songkran, featured in my very first post, “Beginning in Bangkok.” I visited Malaysia for the “regular” Gregorian calendar new year and rang […]

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Escaping to Erawan Falls

Now Playing: “Stay” -Zedd As I wrap up my experience in Thailand just short of a year, I can say my favorite spot in Thailand is the Erawan Falls in Kanchanaburi. This trip kept getting pushed back because we knew it was close enough to do any weekend. Well, I finally got there in my […]

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Starting out stateside

Now Playing: “In My Life” -The Beatles This blog is a bit different from my usual travel updates. I have less than 6 weeks before I depart the town where I’ve lived since May for a few months of travel, including a trip home. I feel extra reflective as this experience in Thailand comes to […]

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