Biking to Big Buddha

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We kept hearing about this Big Buddha statue not too far from Ayutthaya and wanted to head there for a quick day trip. Our best option for traveling was by motorbike, so I’m proud to say we gathered our nerves and rented bikes! My friend Andy showed us the ropes and led the way, thankfully!, and once we got out on the open road, it was incredible!

I had never really experienced a ride on the open road like that, and it was awesome. I couldn’t help feeling like I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Music in my ears, wind ripping against my chest, and gorgeous green views whizzing by, I loved it! My life has really become about living out of my comfort zone and seeing where it takes me.

After about 45 minutes, we reached Wat Muang located in Ang Thong. Big Buddha did not disappoint. At 300 feet tall, it’s the largest Buddha statue in Thailand! Many Thai people were worshipping and giving alms at the massive hand of the statue.

There is a gorgeous shrine that took my breath away with it’s mirrored walls and glass chandeliers.

There is also a park with the Depictions of Buddhist Hell, which is a gory series of statues of slaughterings, rapes, stabbings, mutilation, etc. I will not share my pictures here because they are pretty vulgar, but feel free to Google it if you’re curious…

Aside from that part, the area was very beautiful and we had a great lunch before heading home.

Honestly, it was a simple day but among my favorite, just because I was so proud of my roommates and I for actually riding motorbikes! It doesn’t sound like a big feat, but it was something we’ve been putting off for a while. Remember that Thailand drives on the opposite side of the road than US, so we really have to adjust to the traffic patterns and be safe. We received helmets and a brief tutorial from the rental company, but there is no waiver or paperwork! It was a bit nerve-racking when we were in the crowded sections of town, but the open road was truly great and it was a day I’ll not soon forget.



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