Horsin’ around Hua Hin

Now Playing: “The Great Unknown” -Jukebox the Ghost

We had a long weekend due to the Buddhist Lent a few weeks back, so naturally we planned a little beach getaway! Even on a three-day weekend, it’s a bit challenging to go too far away if you want to maximize the fun and minimize the traveling. So we chose a beach just a few hours south of Bangkok. What we didn’t realize was everyone in the country would be traveling for the holiday and traffic was a disaster. It also poured for hours so all ground transport was delayed. After 3 hours of delay and tons of traffic, we made it to our hotel just after midnight. Sadly, that was too late to purchase alcohol and we were aware of the Buddhist Lent alcohol sale ban for the following two days, so we kicked off the weekend by sleeping!

BUT! The weekend only went up from there! We kicked off the morning with breakfast on the beach at what came to be our home for the weekend, a little tent hut restaurant on the beach with a man named Roy and his friendly family. Sometimes you encounter these beautiful souls and you know you will never forget them. Roy and his family were those kind of people. Aside from the actual services we paid for (food and beach chairs), they went above and beyond to make sure we had a fabulous trip. We spoke to them all weekend, sharing stories and thoughts on various topics. Plus they made delicious food! It felt so nice and homey to see them throughout the day.

IMG_5281We had a very fun night just us girls, bouncing along the beach to find food and drinks, and just laughing up a storm.

I randomly couldn’t sleep well so I popped out to the beach to catch the sunrise, and I’m really glad I did. It was so peaceful and beautiful, and I have seen way more sunsets than sunrises. Quite a site!

The beach was gorgeous. Hua Hin is known for having lots of horses along the beach available to ride. I am not a huge horse fan but I did manage to pet a few and it was precious to see kids riding them throughout the day.

We had another lovely day at the beach, went out for American burgers, and then visited Hua Hin’s popular night market. We did some shopping and had snacks, and had a pretty chill sober evening.

While I don’t love how this country loves to separate me from having a drink from time to time, I’m grateful for the beautiful beach and the softest sand I’ve ever felt. ALSO I saw my first sand dollar and starfish completely in tact. It’s the little things…

Shout out to Alana, Beka, and Sophia for the best company and a great weekend! 🙂



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