Makin’ nice with Mischievous Monkeys

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One of the most interesting days by far was this weekend’s experience at the Monkey Temple  (Phra Prang Sam Yod) in Lopburi. I had been warned that monkeys are vicious little creatures and to tuck away all of your belongings and be on guard at all time. Well. I was unaware of how agile, fast, strong, and obsessed with curly hair monkeys actually are. Wow.


They were absolutely adorable, even though they had bat-like little faces with big clear eyes. Some of them had big bellies and big red butts. Some of them were itty bitty babies. But they were all pretty fiesty!

This post will mainly feature some of the great shots from the visit and serve to warn people about dreaming of meeting monkeys.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 10.53.12 PM

My friend Siobhan struggled with a slew of monkeys on her, when all of a sudden one from my shoulder leapt onto her face! HER FACE! Seriously. Here’s a blurry screen grab of video footage….

The monkey thief

Alana had a monkey open her backpack zipper and retrieve the silver bracelet she had tucked away. I tried to chase him for a while but every time I almost got it with a stick, he snatched it right back up and climbed up so I couldn’t follow. Eventually I gave up and Alana said she was fine to feel happy giving it to him. Mai ben rai 🙂

The real struggle was with our hair. These monkeys would jump right to our shoulders and tear at our hair, nibbling at the hairtie, and holding onto any piece of us they could grab. It was….less than adorable. At one point I had 7 monkeys on me and it was pretty intense. I had to bend forward to scoop them off. I managed to get out with just 2 bites that did not break the skin, luckily!

Lots of germs, a few scratches, and lots of cool photos later, we headed back via train to scrub ourselves clean and relax!

So if you’ve been dreaming of seeing monkeys in person, maybe consider another animal 🙂 It was definitely cool and I don’t regret going, but I’ve had my fill of monkeys for a while!


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