Teaching in Thailand (finally!)

Now Playing: “Slow Motion” -Phox The anticipation is over! I have started teaching in Thailand!!! We met with the school director, faculty, and our agent yesterday to get our schedules and go over logistics. We got a tour of the school and finalized the contractual details. I am working at Prachasuka School here in Ayutthaya […]

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Arriving in Ayutthaya

Now Playing: “Home” -Lucy Lowe Well we made it to Ayutthaya where I’ll be teaching until the end of September! This town is special because it is the old capital of Siam and has many temple ruins. It is strange to walk down a street full of markets, shops, restaurants, even a mall, and then […]

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Blocked by bouncers in Bangkok

Now Playing: “No Scrubs” -TLC I have to write about our experience going out in Bangkok because it was honestly the most shocking part of the country so far.  I knew before coming here that the nightlife would be very different from NYC. Every time I leave the city, even when I visit my mom […]

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Finishing Farangachangs

Now Playing: “Your Touch” -Dynamo Yesterday I finished my TEFL Heaven course and graduated! This TEFL certificate permits me to teach English all over the world for up to two years! Very exciting! We had our training days, assignments, and multiple presentations to get feedback on our teaching skills. The experience was invaluable. I feel […]

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Taking chances on tattoos

Now Playing: “Three Little Birds” -Bob Marley A group of us decided to get tattoos today. Katie was dead set on getting one and a bunch of us floundered around until we pulled the trigger. We found a parlor that seemed clean and legit, and their artwork looked beautiful. I have one small tattoo on […]

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Wading in waterfalls

Now Playing: “Chasing the Sun” -Sara Barielles One of my favorite experiences in Thailand so far was our day of jungle trekking on Koh Chang. Again, the group spent the whole Saturday after a long week of training on an adventurous excursion. We were led by the wild and crazy guide, Raht, who earned the […]

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