Biking to Big Buddha

Now Playing: “Awake My Soul” -Mumford & Sons We kept hearing about this Big Buddha statue not too far from Ayutthaya and wanted to head there for a quick day trip. Our best option for traveling was by motorbike, so I’m proud to say we gathered our nerves and rented bikes! My friend Andy showed […]

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Horsin’ around Hua Hin

Now Playing: “The Great Unknown” -Jukebox the Ghost We had a long weekend due to the Buddhist Lent a few weeks back, so naturally we planned a little beach getaway! Even on a three-day weekend, it’s a bit challenging to go too far away if you want to maximize the fun and minimize the traveling. […]

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Choosing Thailand

Now Playing: “29 (Acoustic)” – Run River North Before My Trip When I told people I was coming to Thailand to teach, many people asked “Why Thailand?” I remember feeling pressured to have some grand reason. Some of my fellow TEFL trainees always dreamed of exploring Southeast Asia, some of them love the climate, waterfalls, […]

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Breaking down the basics

Now Playing: “Leaving it up to You” -George Ezra In between my posts with stories and photos of adventures, I want to talk about some logistics and interesting things I’ve learned after being in Thailand for just about 2 months. I’ll post these updates from time to time. Food I start with food because it’s […]

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Reveling in Ruins

Now Playing: “Far Away Place” -Xinobi My friends are visiting us this weekend so we did some sightseeing at the park. We visited Wat Mahathat and Wat Ratchaburana. These ruins were the oldest things I’ve ever laid eyes on. Pictures simply don’t do it justice. It’s fascinating. Some areas are depleted and others are perfectly […]

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Teaching in Thailand (finally!)

Now Playing: “Slow Motion” -Phox The anticipation is over! I have started teaching in Thailand!!! We met with the school director, faculty, and our agent yesterday to get our schedules and go over logistics. We got a tour of the school and finalized the contractual details. I am working at Prachasuka School here in Ayutthaya […]

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